Message Sent To Tomas Tatar

Message Sent To Tomas Tatar

Written by Fred Arshoff

As most of you probably noticed when watching the HABS VS the Jets since game two, although Jake Evans wasn’t playing due to injury, Tatar wasn’t in the lineup. Instead he was a healthy scratch.

When the HABS acquired Tartar in the Max Pacioretty trade Tatar wasn’t the main piece of the trade, for Bergevin, it was Nick Suzuki so by not producing I feel Tatar is writing his own ticket out of Montreal.

I feel this is a message being sent to Tatar who did have a sub par season in 50 games he had 10 goals and 20 assists. In the 5 playoff games he played in he just had 1 assist and also was a -2.

To go further back lets examine last year’s regular season. In 68 games he had 22 goals and 39 assists for 61 points. In the playoffs in 10 games 2 goals and no assists and was a -1.

To further examine Tatar’s playoff stats let’s look at over the course of his career. 40 games 6 goals, 6 assists for a total of 12 points and a -7.

I will admit playing in the playoffs is harder than the regular season and playing the same team so they can adjust to what you’re doing but as we see above it happens every year in the playoffs, his production drops.

This season his cap hit is $5,300,000 including his $1,000,000 signing bonus. For that type of money you have to produce. On July 1st Tatar becomes a UFA and I don’t see Bergevin extending him with his lack of production and his age of 30. I’m sure he will want a raise but with those numbers it’s very hard to justify a raise and use up so much cap space when it’s remaining unchanged.

By using Tatar as the healthy scratch I’m sure he sees the message that he won’t be extended.

I would like to wish Tatar all the best in his hockey career

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